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Living authentically with and for the community with great joy and even greater risk.

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Crisis Contemplation:
Healing the Wounded Village

Contemplation is discovering the transformative power of great love and great suffering. In Crisis Contemplation, acclaimed author and African American mystical scholar Rev. Dr. Barbara Holmes examines two entry points into contemplation which are seldom explored: crisis and community.

Weaving both historical and current events, Dr. Holmes uses prophetic vision and poetic prose to examine how crisis contemplation manifests itself in BIPOC communities and communities of color. Following the lineage of our shared cosmic origins, Crisis Contemplation explores the Village Response that arises from our individual and communal experience of crises like pandemics, natural disasters, and systemic abuses—offering a roadmap for spiritual connection, healing trauma, and grounding ourselves in our shared cosmic origins.

CAC Publishing, 2021

As the world speeds up,
"Crisis Contemplation: Healing the Wounded Village"
provides tools and practices to slow down

Author and scholar of African-American spirituality and mysticism Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Holmes

offers a spiritual lifeline through contemplative Christianity

Race and the Cosmos:
An Invitation to View the World Differently


Race and the Cosmos, revised and updated. Now available from:

The Center for Contemplation

and Action.

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Star Cluster

"In the beginning there is darkness. It is the womb out of which we are born. Darkness may be the blessed dimming of ego-driven striving, a destination and condition of safety and repose. In this state of trusting refuge, the light of divine revelation, which pierces but does not castigate the darkness, may finally be seen. This is a mothering darkness that nurses its offspring."

~ Barbara A. Holmes

Race & the Cosmos new cover

This is precisely the time that artists go to work - not when everything is fine, but in times of dread.

Toni Morrison

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